New Teaser Trailer Revealed for Jezebeth 3 The Guns of El Diablo

1875 – The El Diablo Gang is hanged in Wyoming.
2016 – The Devil in Hell Pardons the El Diablo Gang and they find themselves suddenly back in the Wyoming Town known as “SERENITY” but now the town is dead. Still they claim it as their own.

Logline: In 1875, El Diablo and her Gang of Outlaws were hung for their crimes.
In 2016 they will ride again.

Written and Directed by Damien Dante. Produced by Damien Dante, Jeffrey A Swanson, Todd Rodgers and Chris Schaar. Executive Producers Damien Dante, Jeffrey A Swanson, Todd Rodgers, Chris Schaar, Massimiliano Cerchi and Dawna Lee Heising. And to be Distributed Worldwide by SGL Entertainment.